Questions about the purple zone:

We have two cars in our household - one husband, one wife. Can we have a free parking card for both cars?

Yes. The law does not allow us to use the housing unit for registration in this issue, but everything is registered to the birth number and permanent residence.

We have two cars in our household - both were purchased during our marriage, but both are registered to my husband. Does this mean we will pay a fee for one?

No. In this case, you won't. If you have two vehicles in the community of property and both cars are titled to only one spouse, there is no need to re-title the cars anywhere. A resident card will be issued for each car, and it will be in the owner's registration number. This is subject to other conditions, such as the condition of permanent residence in the defined area of Pribram II.

I reside in the purple zone. I don't own a car. I live with a friend who has a car registered to him, but he resides in another part of town. Does he have to pay for my car?

Yes. This is a registration for the birth number, permanent residence and car owner.

I live in a toll area and I don't own a car. Can I pick up a parking pass for my children who come to visit me?

The resident/subscriber parking card is not allowed in this case either. It is important to note that although we use the terminus technicus "pilot project", this is only an extension of existing zones into a new area. The current zones have a very strict and harsh regime where parking is not allowed for anyone, anywhere. If you live for example in Long Street (you meet all the conditions: you are a permanent resident and you are a car owner), you will get a resident card only for Long Street. Visitors are not allowed to park in this existing zone. We didn't want to set up this scheme in the newly introduced locations either and we are looking for a way to favour residents/subscribers (i.e. local residents) as much as possible, restrict them as little as possible and at the same time make parking restrictions at their request. Unfortunately this is a very complicated subject and will always bring with it certain restrictions.
Anyone can park in the area of Příbram II, but always under different conditions. So if you have visitors coming to visit you, they can stop anywhere in the designated parking spaces and park there as needed. Every visitor (whether a friend, family member or someone else (will be in visitor mode and during the operating hours Monday to Friday 7-18 h and Saturday 7-12 h), if they park in a public space, they will have to pay 10 CZK/h Another important fact is that really the area of Příbram II around Spartak has mostly a problem with parking during the day, that's why the operating hours have been set. Only the public space is addressed. So, if the residents of the zone or their visitors park in garages or anywhere on private property, there is no need for a card or any fees.

Does my caregiver come to my house regularly, does she have to pay parking fees every time she visits?

Unfortunately, in the current setup, yes. As mentioned above, these are the existing conditions that have been in place since 2018. The City of Příbram is currently expanding the existing zones with a new one in Příbram II. This is one of the suggestions that we would like to incorporate into the whole arrangement and concept of the zones. This issue is really very complex, because it may be caregivers who are doing this as a profession, but it could also be any family member who is looking after their parents, for example. Here it is really very difficult to set the conditions so that they serve their purpose and are not abused.

Is it possible to get one paper parking card for visitors?

Can't. The whole system is being automated, i.e. no more paper cards will be issued for the new area of Příbram II. For the current zones, paper cards will also cease to be issued from 1 January 2024 and everything will be entered in the system. The cards will only be virtual, so that the control is as efficient as possible when using smart technologies.

I have my own car, but I also drive a company car. Do I have to pay for this car?

This is a bit of a tricky question. There may be several variations. If you have a company car for private use, have an agreement with your employer and will not apply for any further resident card for your birth number, you will be issued with your first resident card and it will be free. However, if you apply for a resident card for your private car at the same time, it will be a second resident card and will incur a fee of CZK 2,000/year.

If I change my car during the year, will my parking card be replaced free of charge?

Yes, it will. Just come to the Department of Road Management (Gen. R. Tesaříka 19) with your new documents and colleagues will change the registration mark of the vehicle for which the card will be issued free of charge. At the same time, they will delete the old registration number and, unless there are other cars involved, you will still have one first resident card at no charge.

I have a rented apartment in the purple zone, I have no registered permanent residence there. Do I qualify for a parking permit?

Unfortunately, you are not eligible. It really only applies to people who are resident in the area.

Do I have to go in person to get the card?

Yes, you need to go to the Department of Roads with the necessary valid documents and they will register you in the system and issue you a virtual parking permit. The card is valid for 365 days and is valid for the area of Příbram II.

How will the parking fee be paid?

Parking fees can be paid as before - via parking meters or online. We are trying to further improve the existing payment methods. We are planning to renew the parking machines so that payment can be made not only in cash but also by card at each parking machine. In addition, the new parking meters will work with your RZ, so whoever is doing the checking will immediately see whether or not you have paid. This means that in the new parking area of Příbram II, you will be able to pay anywhere at a parking meter and your ticket will be valid anywhere inside the area.
At the same time, online payment via the app is still possible. In addition, we want to extend this method with the possibility of payment via QR codes. This new method will not only be introduced in the new parking zone, but you will also be able to use it in the existing zones. We expect to launch this service at the turn of 2023/2024.

Questions about online payment via the FTT VPA virtual parking meter:

How do I prove that I have been paid through the VPA app?

You don't have to worry. The confirmation of payment for your vehicle, or its registration plate, is uploaded to the officers in the MP Manager information system. The proof of payment will of course be sent to your e-mail.

Does the price for parking via mobile, i.e. the VPA app, differ from other payment methods (e.g. coin-operated machines)?

No different. You always pay only the amount you are required to pay for parking. The indisputable advantage is that you can extend your parking at any time and from anywhere via the VPA app, so you don't have to worry about being fined for unpaid parking. For example, if you are delayed at a meeting, at the store, at the doctor's office, there is nothing easier than to extend your parking thanks to the app.

We have two cars in our family and we drive a different one to town each time. Is it possible to have multiple license plates loaded in the VPA app?

Yes, up to five vehicle registration plates can be stored. You can, of course, administer them within the system, i.e. remove or replace them. When you pay, you simply select the registration number of the vehicle you are currently parking.

Is my personal and card data at risk of being misused? How secure is the system?

Security is one of the most important elements of the entire system and we place great importance on it. The payment card data is stored on the bank servers and even the payment service operator does not have access to this data - the system works only with encrypted so-called tokens. We do not collect this data on our servers. For more information on the VPA's data processing policy, please click here (https://parking.fttech.org/parking/GDPR.asp).